Neural Network

Convolutional neural networks

19 Feb , 2015  

Neural networks have been around for a number of decades now and have seen their ups and downs. Recently they’ve proved to be extremely powerful for image recognition problems. Or, rather, a particular type of neural network called a convolutional neural network has proved very effective. In this post, I want to build off of the series of posts I wrote about neural networks a few months ago, plus some ideas from my post on digital images, to explain the difference between a convolutional neural network and a classical (is that the right term?) neural network.

First, let me quickly review the idea behind a neural network: We start with a collection of neurons, each of which takes a collection of input values and uses them to calculate a single output value. Then we hook them all together, so that the inputs to each neuron are attached to either the outputs of other neurons or to coordinates/features of a data point that is fed into the network.

When you input a data point into neural network, the outputs of the first level of neurons are calculated, then they feed More…

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