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How to become a data scientist

25 Jun , 2015   Video

This is one of the webinars that I took to educate students, industry professionals who were looking to make a shift in their career and that too in Data Science. Data Science is a combination of Statistics , Math and Programming. For more details please check out the video. The journey to become a data scientist has many milestones and it is important to reach each one of them one by one. Here are some of the first few steps for getting started:

  • Andrew NG Course by Stanford University for machine learning.
  • Mit OpenCourseWare for Statistics
  • Python / R from Udacity.

Also there multiple ways / source to improve your newly acquired skills :

  • TopCoder : Crowd Sourcing Platform, It runs the real time problems of Organisations for whom the solution lies in and around Data Science
  • Kaggle : Another Crowd Sourcing platform with more generic problems.
  • UCI Machine Learning Repository : Repositry for multiple Data Sets

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